Follow House of Hardcore’s exclusive Wrestling Valet & Actress Monique Dupree on Social Media

Follow Monique Dupree “Tha True Original GATA on social media One cool thing about her is when you post comments under her photos & posts, she tries to reply to as many people as possible. Instagram: @thaoriginalgata Twitter: @thaoriginalgata Snapchat: @thaoriginalgata Facebook:

Monique Dupree (Tha True Original Gata) Pro Wrestler for Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore

In 2013, Monique Dupree made her debut into wrestling at (former WWE Superstar)Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore. Every since, she’s been taking wrestling by storm with her daughter as one half of the villianous duo, The Double Duprees For more information and merch, go to Official Store

Monique Dupree (Tha True Original Gata) to appear at Shocka Con

Come out and see your favorite scream queen turned wrestler at ShockaCon Sept 8-10, 2017 in Charlseton, WV ShockaCon WEBSITE Monique Gata Dupree is an independent/underground entertainment Icon, primed for the mainstream. She cameos, introduces, co-stars or stars in over 85 films, television shows, web series and nationwide wrestling events to date. Including but not ….

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