Tha True Original Gata performs at Such Sights event in Coney Island

Tha true original gata performance (click link to see sneak peek of performance) Tha True Original Gata, Monique Dupree performed in Coney Island 1208 Surf Ave June 24, 2023 The event was called “Such Sights: A tribute to body horror using bawdy humor” Tha True Original Gata is a nationally recognized horror themed burlesque performer.

Who is Monique Dupree??

Art comes in so many forms. I never used to fancy myself one..just a kitty that loves to create with anything I touch..then I learned, that’s true artistry. I stopped practicing so much because I became a mom, Queen of the Gypsies and had responsibilities. I’m learning more and more and I’ve awakened from my ….

Behind the Scenes filming for Music Video “Ready 4 Luv” by Witch Taint

Behind the scenes of me filming my parts for music video for Witch Taint!! The song is called “Ready 4 Luv” We were in the heart of the quarantine in New Rochelle, so I had to be creative, but it was fun after all of the setup See the video here:

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