Monique Dupree
Monique Dupree
Tha Original Gata™ 黒猫

**Actress/ Alternative model/Vocal Goddess/Dancer/Mother of 10**

Tha Original GATA

Tha Musician
THA ORIGINAL GATA™ is the lead vocalist for a balls to the wall band called Negro Childe. Negro Childe is a fusion band often compared to a cross between, Eminem & Juliette and the Licks. Each song can vary from genre to genre, going from rock, to r&b, to hip hop to mental. When GATA gets on stage, her grungy manga-anime catlike persona & unique voice stylings will make it clear to you that she’s not your average front grrl.

Tha Actress
Actress Monique Dupree; often referred to affectionately as THA ORIGINAL GATA™, has become an underground cultural icon. She tows the line between independent /genre film leading lady and the fringe of the mainstream. Loved ,hated, often challenged she continues to infect the very bloodstream of the horror/ sci-fi universe on every media level with her dominating presence and tireless work effort. You can find Monique Dupree’s films online or in stores such as: Walmart, Target, FYE, Food Lion & many other locations.
Monique Dupree has done over 70 film projects to date.

Tha Original Gata
Tha Model
GATA has graced the cover of many of online & print magazines. She is also a comicbook model as well, modeling for 4 different comics