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Working Tommy Dreamers “House of Hardcore”

You just don’t know or understand how HUMBLED I’ve been in my small career in wrestling and how Tommy Dreamer has entrusted me to take care of some pretty big names amd LEGENDS:
Jeff and Matt Hardy, Terry Funk, Mene Gene, Animal, just to name Afew.
He trusted me with House of Hardcore to make sure things worked esp in his absence.
I talk about House of Hardcore so often because it’s like watching your child grow from a baby to adulthood.
I’ve been there since the beginning, watching, believing, putting in the blood sweat and tears to help make shows happen. I GOT TO WATCH MAGIC HAPPEN.
I helped a genius in wrestling take the vision in his HEAD and make it a reality.
How TF do I write that on a resume???

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About Gatanegra

Mini Biography Newark, New Jersey native, Monique Dupree, also known by the title Tha Original Gata and in some circles is referred to affectionately as The First Black Scream Queen. She has done independent horror films, fetish, comic-book, catalog and/or alternative modeling, valet for wrestling, local and national reality television and an occasional cross-over into mainstream television and cinema. This includes music, by way of her band Negro Childe, publishing, promotion, internet radio, fitness, production and pro-wrestling. She is involved in several grass-root charities and social outreach organizations. To date, Monique has completed upward of seventy films and television projects, inspired the creation of several comic-book heroines and consistently works and is for hire across the country and around the world. Monique is a mom of 10 and currently in a long term relationship with ECW legend Tommy Dreamer (Thomas Laughlin) written by Anthony S. Thomas THA ORIGINAL GATA™ is the lead vocalist for a balls to the wall band called Negro Childe. Negro Childe is a fusion band often compared to a cross between, Eminem & Juliette and the Licks. Each song can vary from genre to genre, going from rock, to r&b, to hip hop to mental. When GATA gets on stage, her grungy manga-anime catlike persona & unique voice stylings will make it clear to you that she’s not your average front grrl. Tha Actress: THA ORIGINAL GATA™ has become an underground cultural icon. She tows the line between independent/genre film leading lady and the fringe of the mainstream. Loved, hated, often challenged, she continues to infect the very bloodstream of the horror/sci-fi universe on every media level with her dominating presence and tireless work effort.